Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas programs

Last week was busy with Christmas programs. Noah's was first, held in the gym at Trinity. VERY crowded, but we still were able to see well. Chase's band concert was next, held on Sunday at Constantine High School. He is a senior this year and so very grown up. Dakota's program was Tuesday, at Beickman Performing Arts Center at Concord. Wonderful program, his music teacher is the same one Sara had.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crystal Valley Christmas

Dakota and I were able to attend the ice carving at Crytal Valley Christmas in Middlebury. The ice sculptures were wonderful and Dakota had a good time at the old time hardware in Middlebury.

Christmas Cookies

Early in November I spent the weekend with my cousin Donna and two friends Judy and Pearl baking cookies and sweets for Christmas. We baked Friday night until about 9:00 and all day Saturday until late. Cookies, brownies, bars and candy. We all took home container after container to have for the Holidays.